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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Type “Worst Bollywood Actor” On Google & It Shows Salman Khan. Twitter Trolled Him

The biggest and most popular search engine Google often had to receive flak and criticism of people on social media due to some technical mistakes on its part.
Remember how it categorized Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the list of Top 10 criminals, called him India’s most stupid prime minister and even India’s first prime minister as well?
Well, Google has done a similar sort of mistake again. But now it seems to have come out of his obsession from PM Modi and the latest victim of its technical bug is a Bollywood actor, and that too, a superstar!
We are talking about none other than Salman Khan who has been categorized as the “Worst Bollywood Actor” by Google.
Don’t believe us?
Type “Worst Bollywood Actor” in Google and see the results yourself!
Shocked? Even we are!
We wonder how Bollywood’s “Sultan” and his ardent fans will react to it. Meanwhile, Twitter had fun while trolling Salman and this is how people reacted:




Rating: ⭐️⭐️
All that glitters is not gold... Remo D’souza misses the golden opportunity! pic.twitter.com/xTpbO3tyYH
for all bhaijaan fans i have bad news for uhh
and This is not edited , even u can Google now 😂😂😂
and without logic galiyan mt sunana
p.s:- i dun hate salman khan ✌️☮️✌️ pic.twitter.com/ioNHFnZCOm
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Salman khan is not a good actor, infact he is the worst one (literally, check out in Google).
Actually he is a good politician, he forces people out of his fear to say good about him, @BeingSalmanKhan


Chup be! kam se kam class movie banata hai.
salman ko akshay kumar se compare mat kar.
salman ko ek bar marke phir peida hona padega Akshay jeise banne ke liye.salman sir ki koi versatility nehi hai.
akki sir most versatile actor in Bollywood.
Most worst actor sallu


Teri maa ne tujhe sikaya h na tu karle salman k baare me...kitna charity karta h likh waha....gawar kahi kaa
Maine Google Kiya "worst Bollywood actor" to Salman Khan Aya aisa kyu Bhai pan?


Why Google why?

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