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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Whoa! Priyanka Chopra’s NYC Home Is A Swanky One And The Pics Are Jaw-Dropping

Whoa! Priyanka Chopra’s NYC Home Is A Swanky One And The Pics Are Jaw-Dropping
Priyanka Chopra is a big style icon and loves doing everything in style. Whether she is making public appearances or making a mark internationally, Piggy Chops is acquainted with the idea how to accomplish it just the precise manner.
And the international beauty makes buffs wherever she goes and she even keeps all her fans contended by giving them all a sneak-peek into her personal life over and over again.
Sometime back the buffs got a chance to enjoy her life in Montreal, which was actress’s second abode when she shot Quantico’s first season and Baywatch.
At this time, the actress has momentarily shifted her base to the beautiful city of New York where she is presently shooting her next international project.
You will get astounded to know that how luxuriously she is enjoying her life there out of the country? We all were enthralled when movie reviewer Anupama Chopra posted a few images from Priyanka’s home in the New York City. Anupama got an invitation by the actress to visit her home to shot the launch of her new show Beneath The Surface there.
Priyanka’s buffs in India have been waiting for her to see their favorite star in the Bollywood flicks buy they will have to wait for some time more. Priyanka seems to be cheerful with the manner her profession is going on. No doubt, the actress is enjoying a life in her special manner as well.
On her birthday, the actress too posted an image from her home. The 4-bedroom apartment building on the top story of a skyscraper has a stunning sight of Manhattan.
“The décor is simple but PeeCee has personalized the space with cream and gold pillows with “pri”, life quotes and other messages embossed on them -– all of which are gifts from her friends and fans. She is keen to keep up with her tradition of playing a radiant host during Indian festivals at her new home too,” a source stated.
The actress is an international icon, without a doubt. She has now featured on the cover of W Magazine as part of The Royals list, together with biggies including Halle Berr, Chris Evans, Cindy Crawford, Kit Harrington, Kanye West, Rami Malek, Sofia Coppola and Jodie Foster, in the list of the magazines’ imperial symbols.
But in fact, Priyanka is a desi girl. She keeps posting images with her family members whom she meets wherever she travels.
The actress even keeps calling her mom and brother to spend some time with her, if she is busy with her projects.

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