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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Sona Mohapatra trolled for talking against Salman, HITS back with full power

For the past few days, media is all about Salman Khan getting sentenced for five-years in his Blackbuck Poaching Case and then being granted bail by the higher court. He came back from Jodhpur Central Court and his fans could not keep calm here as they cheered for him outside his Galaxy Apartment. While Bhai’s fans were the happiest, there were some that objected this decision of the court. Singer Sona Mohapatra is one of them. (Also Read: After 2 nights in jail, Salman Khan to get back on track, to begin ‘Race 3’ shooting soon)
She took an indirect dig at Salman with this post.
So, what new inane defence will Madhu Kishwar sprout now? Nafisa Ali? RJ Rishi Kannan? Will daddy say sorry on his behalf? What will the suck ups in the industry do? When's bail? When's the next block buster release? Dabangg'concert' tour dates? Big Boss? Charity drives? 🤔

Soon after, as expected, she started receiving hate messages from Salman’s fans. But the lady was in no mood to stay shut. One after the other, she gave it back to all who bashed her for speaking her mind.
Celebrating bullying, intimidation & putting people out of work are you? Wah. Wah. Fine inspiration your Bhai has been for all you nincompoops. 
Wasn’t mean for the same family to sit by & watch me/my mom getting morphed into Porn sites, get gang rape threats by paid digital trolls ? For dad to say sorry when he should’ve to all those people he hurt in the past? Keep your judgement & shove it where the sun don’t shine. 
Sexism, ageism, bullying, body shaming.. you name it & these Bhai chelas will never let you down in showcasing all the evils ever known. it’s called. 🔴 
So you hate aunty’s & budhis? Hmmm. Wonder what that makes you.. a Bhai Fan? Yes. Sahi jawab. 👏🏽 (p.s your mom may not appreciate your hatred for her friends btw) 

Okay then!

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