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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Khichadi actor Rajeev Mehta talks about people calling him Praful in real life!

Khichadi actor Rajeev Mehta talks about people calling him Praful in real life!
The popular comedy series Khichdi is back to race on Television. The serial has got utmost fame and now the season made a spectacular comeback. The famous character Praful played by Rajeev Mehta speak about the new season and is very happy with the response the season is getting. He says that the show is big hit. After 12 years, the show made its comeback the show on air from Saturday where people got very excited to watch the new season. The series Khichdi has the dysfunctional family that has the power to make you laugh with their sweet and innocent antics.
The new season has the mix of old flavor where the same characters and faces are seen playing their specific roles.  The makers of the show have left no stones unturned to maintain their image and started the new season with much more advanced technology and social media attention.  One of the famous characters Praful aka Rajeev Mehta is real life in an interview with Indian express has spoken about the new season.  The new season is the reloaded version of Khichdi. Rajeev shares his experience in the interview.
He went ahead in his interview saying, “According to me, Khichdi is a benchmark, a cult and the only television show that can be stated as a ‘comedy series’. I think no other show can come close to Khichdi standard and so I feel blessed to be a part of it.” On speaking about his team and efforts put in to make the show hit, he further added saying, “It’s always a teamwork. Honestly, if I have to share, the first day of the shoot, back in season one; we were canning my entry sequence. You won’t believe I gave 12-13 retakes but realized it was not happening. I could also see that Aatish was not happy and so I told him that he should find another actor. He told me that he knows it was not happening but he only wanted me to do Praful. I don’t know what went wrong after that, for everything just turned right.”
The show had a successful launch and it’s great to see the comeback.  Watch the show on Star Plus every Saturday and Sunday @ 8.ooPM and stay entertained for the weekend. Stay tuned with us for more updates and latest happenings.

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