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John Abraham blames KriArj Entertainment of non-payment for Parmanu; Prernaa Arora contradicts claim

John Abraham blames KriArj Entertainment of non-payment for Parmanu; Prernaa Arora contradicts claim
Recently, Prernaa Arora of Kriarj Entertainment has met media people and spoke about how John Abraham got detached with Parmanu and Zee Studios.
In her special talk, Prernaa has placed grave charges in opposition to John Abraham Entertainment that John not only settled to play the main lead but also to line-produce it for KriArj. She made a payment of Rs 30 crore and rest was destined to be compensated on delivery.
She added that the preview of the movie had been discarded by them four times.
On April 1, John Abraham’s group, JA Entertainment Pvt Ltd, forwarded a public note ending their affiliation with Prernaa Arora’s KriArj Entertainment over their movie Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran.

As per sources, “Three years ago, Prernaa wanted to make Parmanu, based on the nuclear tests conducted by the Indian Army at Pokhran (in 1998), with Akshay Kumar. However, the Bollywood superstar was already committed to other projects. So, he didn’t show interest. Around this time, Prernaa and her partner, Arjun N Kapoor, met John Abraham and finalised the deal with him. John not only agreed to play the lead actor in the film but also to line-produce it for KriArj. Prernaa reportedly paid him Rs 30 cr against a mutually agreed upon Rs 35 cr budget. Out of this, Rs 10 cr was meant to be John’s remuneration and the rest was the cost of production. In other words, John would deliver a complete product to KriArj by an agreed date, which both parties would then promote and release.”
The friction between the two sides commenced during December 2017 when the film’s release got postponed. It had to clash with Padmaavat but the makers decided to postpone the release.
The makers comprehended that their movie was more contented releasing it later rather than fighting with the historical drama. It was then that things began going downward.
Prernaa stated, “John and I were partners on the project. I have paid him Rs 30 crores already. What’s left is Rs 2 crores against his remuneration and Rs 3 crores that I’m committed to paying 15 days before the release, when I get the film’s final delivery from the lab. However, there is no final product. Both John and I are 50 percent partners in the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). However, he has not delivered a film to me on the date committed, so I’m stuck. I have nothing to show for the money spent so far.”
Stating that John didn’t keep his promise, and calling his termination unlawful, Prernaa added, “JA Entertainment kept making unreasonable demands for money, which were outside the scope of their initial understanding with us. I’m shocked that they are trying to wriggle out of a legally-binding contract.”
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