Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Guess Where Ranveer Singh Hanged A Handmade Painting Of Peshwa Bajirao Gifted To Him By His Fan!

From handwritten special notes to bunches of flowers, fans send a lot of gifts to their favorite stars. Some of them don’t even mind standing for several days at a time, just to catch a small glimpse of their favorite celebrity. 
Just like them, one of Ranveer Singh’s biggest fan just got lucky this time.
After having  watched Ranveer Singh’s Blockbuster movie Bajirao Mastani , he painted a picture of his character as he absolutely loved his performance.
He just somehow wanted to give it to Ranveer. He thought of all possible ways but just couldn’t reach him. 
Disappointed, He later dropped the painting at the YRF Office in Andheri. They, in turn, contacted the actor and handed it over to him. 
Upon seeing the painting, Ranveer was so overwhelmed by his efforts that he immediately hanged the painting in his living room so that he can be reminded of the love his fans harbour for him. 
He posted it on his social media account and saluted his affection towards him. 
Isn’t this the sweetest thing Ranveer’s ever done? Let us know your views in the comment box below. 
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