Sunday, 15 April 2018

Divyanka Tripathi Celebrates 7 Million Followers, Reveals big secret for huge Insta following

Divyanka Tripathi Celebrates 7 Million Followers, Reveals big secret for huge Insta following
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Star Divyanka Tripathi celebrates seven million followers. She has posted a cute picture of herself with the cake. The star with stunning looks recently gave a stunning reply to a body shamer on Twitter. The 33 year old star was in a picture with her husband Vivek Dahia. Now there is another picture that she posted on Instagram page.

In this she has captioned “the cake was so huge it took two extra helpers to carry the cake around” she also gave an apt caption “Beauty and Taste #InaBox” Soon netizens got crazy and kept thanking the star by replies, reactions, and posting likes.
The cake has got the number ‘7’ and the letter ‘M’ on the other side. This represents her seven million followers on Insta account. But what is her secret for this huge fan following?

It is not even one hour ago the star has revealed her secret for having such a record setting number of fans following her on Instagram account. Recently Divyanka Tripathi highlighted the requirement to respect women
She said “every Woman Is A Goddess …. Must Be Respected” when she responded to a body shamer on Twitter. One of the excerpts from her reply goes “Go see Ajanta Ellora and you’ll see Indian Gods in their most beautiful natural forms. Every woman is a Goddess and goddesses are not defined by their scarcity or abundance of clothes but by their Karma and Power. So respect!”

Divyanka highlighted the need to give respect to women in society and the need to change the mind of people. She expressed they must be given respect for their ‘karma’ and ‘power’ and not for the number or clothing way of dressing styles.
It was then that the several million followers and many responded in support to Divyanka Tripathi. Soon the Instagram fan following for the star made statements like “Perfect answer to cheap people”. Another post read “Your beautiful thoughts is what makes you diff from others. More power to you.”
Others replied posts in support of her saying “Divyanka Tripathi, so proud of you, always giving the right answer, everyone should be proud of how we are structured, if we dress up to please some people, we won’t be doing justice to yourself and should always go for what makes you happy and comfortable.”
Watch out for Divyanka’s big secret for the huge following on Instagram.
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