Thursday, 12 April 2018

Comedian Kapil Sharma gets co-actor Bharti and Kiku Sharda’s support over the contoversy

Comedian Kapil Sharma gets co-actor Bharti and Kiku Sharda’s support over the contoversy
This well-known celebrity figure who is a popular comedian, Bharti Singh comes in support of her colleague Kapil Sharma. We all know that comedian Kapil Sharma is going through a lot of problems in his life recently. And something or the other lands him into a controversy that seems to not be working in his favour. Bharti Singh says Kapil Sharma is her guru and comes in support of him during his bad phase. Kapil Sharma and Bharti Singh shared screen space quite a lot times.

Bharti wants people to leave Kapil Alone.
Kapil Sharma is in state of depression and this upsets Bharti. She further made a request by asking people to stay away from him and leave him alone. She stands is support of her guru and is very upset to see him in this state of mind.

She further said,
 “It breaks my heart and makes me cry to see Kapil Bhai in this state. He is the one who made us all laugh and put a smile on our faces. Now when he needs our support to come out of depression, we are troubling him. Why can’t we leave him alone? I am not saying that the language that he used on Twitter or during the call was appropriate, but you have to understand that Kapil is someone who will never do this. Everyone knows that people have call recorders on their phone and whatever they are saying can be used against them. If he has still done it, then just think what he must be going through,”

Friend and co-worker Kiku Sharda supports Kapil:
Kiku Sharda who also worked with Kapil extended his warm support towards his friend and co-worker Kapil Sharma.
He said in his support, “Kapil Sharma is one of the most creative persons that we have in our industry. He is currently depressed and is not feeling well, the least we can do in this situation is to leave him alone. Whatever is happening currently is very upsetting. Those who are pointing at him and saying bad things about him are the same people whom he once entertained. He is the same person who has made the entire country laugh their lungs out and now he needs some space.”
We totally agree with what Bharti and Kiku have to say. Kapil Sharma is a star and stars never fade. They are meant to shine always and forever.
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