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Monday, 19 March 2018

TV Show Paints Fair Models Brown Instead Of Hiring Dark-Skinned Models – Faces Opposition

TV Show Paints Fair Models Brown Instead Of Hiring Dark-Skinned Models – Faces Opposition
While the world is now united to fight against discrimination based on gender and skin colour, some country like Pakistan is yet not ready to fight against it. Television shows are meant to bring positive changes in people’s life or give them some entertainment but a Pakistani morning show has crossed limits.
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When you think they cant go any lower,they prove you wrong.
Morning show Jago Pakistan Jago couldnt find one tan colored person in the entire country that they had to paint fair skinned girls dark to show make up techniques for "habshans"
This is beyond appalling
A popular morning show in Pakistan, Jago Pakistan Jago on a leading channel Hum TV recently hosted a bridal make-up contest and to make the challenge a little difficult, they asked MUAs to turn dusky models into beautiful brides.
The show called fair models to represent them instead of simply calling dark-skinned models. The showmakers decided to paint their faces brown and the make-up artists were challenged to choose fitting eye shadows, lip colour, and contouring.
truly wake up to Asian racism ..this is how does blackface on prime time tv..they were allegedly trying to show dark skin can be beautiful too..
“I’ve done the makeover of so many brides, but I’ve never had such a bride, like a Habshan, ever. But you are being presented with this challenge,” the report quoted. Twitter is quite furious about this racism and they are slamming the host, the show and the channel for promoting such things. Have a look at some tweets.
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show painted fair-skinned models with makeup to showcase how bridal makeup looks on darker skin.😱

Your stupidity is beyond me. Echoing the title of your show, , “WAKE - UP” Pakistan. What are you teaching your future generation?
the stunt by represents the cultural baggage and insecurities we have inherited from the british raj and that we are still unsuccessful in eradicating. how can we, when we still have jacobabad and lady reading in our midst?
Totally grossed out by 's episode on dark skin complexion brides and their makeup. I never thought Sanam Jung can stoop so low. @Humtvnetwork do you have no check on what is being aired on your channel??
@SanamJungPK @Humtvnetwork Absolutely appalled with @JagoPakistan_ newest episode where fair skinned models were painted darker to prove that darker skin can too look beautiful with makeup. Was it too difficult to find models of darker skin?!

We hope that necessary actions are taken against the show.

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