Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Salman Calls Depression as Luxury Whilst Deepika Describes His Statement a Myth

Salman Calls Depression as Luxury Whilst Deepika Describes His Statement a Myth
Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone has been list amongst the few biggies to have talked openly on the subject of mental health problem.
A flag holder in talking over the topic of mental wellbeing, the dimpled beauty was recently in New Delhi to launch a research named ‘How India Perceives Mental Health.’
When she was talking in the disgraces linked with depressive disorder, the actress during a panel debate mentioned that it is vital to break the falsehood that depressive disorder is a luxury, which only rich people can encompass.
Ranveer Singh’s lady love stated, “When we were talking about more celebrities coming out, there is also a misconception that depression happens to people who are successful. I want to clarify that it can happen to anybody from any field, irrespective of their socio-economic background. Depression is sometimes perceived as a luxury. People think that those who have too much time or money get into depression. I think it is very important to break that myth.”

It was only in recent times that well-known star Salman Khan during a chat had stated, “I see a lot of people going on vacations, but I cannot afford that luxury of taking a vacation. I see a lot of people getting depressed and emotional, but I can’t afford that luxury of being depressed or sad or emotional because no matter what I am going through, it works against me.”
The special declaration made by Sallu has created a huge uproar within the public criticizing him for calling up depressive disorder as a “luxury”.
And with her most recent announcement, it looks Deepu has given a special answer to Salman in addition.
Well, Deepika Padukone’s declaration is just a befitting answer to Tiger Zinda hai star’s statement, be it deliberately or by accident.
What are your views on the depressive disorder?
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