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Neeta Ambani recites a beautiful poetry which describes the adorable love story of Akash-Shloka

Neeta Ambani recites a beautiful poetry which describes the adorable love story of Akash-Shloka
The current hot topic of town is the richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani’s son Akash Ambani as is going to get married to Shloka Mehta. She is the youngest daughter of diamantaire Russell Mehta. The marriage is speculated to happen in the month of June.
After conducting an engagement in Goa, the Ambanis threw a lavish post-engagement party to celebrities and friends.

In the party, many B-town and renowned cricketers were spotted. Akash and Shloka posed in front of media before entering in the party. SRK was spotted in a black suit. Katrina was the first guest to arrive. Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran was also snapped. Aishwarya was spotted with daughter Aradhya. Director Karan Johar was also seen at the event. John Abraham was also captured at the ceremony. Some cricketers and other celebs were also seen entering into Antilia.

The Ambanis and Mehtas share a good friendship bond and even Akash and Shloka studied together at Dhirubhai Ambani International School.
To welcome Mehta into Ambanis family and welcome the new start of the lovely couple, Neet read a wonderful poetry for the two. With a wish that “they always be there holding hands side by side”, the poetry describes their life from the school days.
Here is the poetry by Neeta Ambani:
They went to Kindergarten to learn ABC,
Not knowing — que sera sera —
What their future would be…
Gummy bears and jujubes,
Sparkle pops and jelly beans…
Sweetened their lives,
From childhood through teens!
Till glasses of milk made way for cups of tea…
And the Sky fell in love with sweet Chants of glee!
From ponytails and Barbies…
From pranks and football…
The years just blended…
And, today they stand tall –
With their eyes full of love
With one single plea…
Their hearts beat in rhythm
Singing, “Will you marry me?”
Today we bless them, and today we pray:
All through their lives, on each golden day,
May they always be there holding hands side by side
May Gods shower their blessings on this groom and his bride!

This poetry proves that Neeta is very happy with the engagement of Akash.
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