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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

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This is not the first time when a cultural show in India turned out to be so ‘Sanskari’ but it is certainly the first time that such a kind of show has managed to grab a lot of eye balls and raised a lot eyebrows too. The incident is from Dai town near Bundi District headquarter in Rajasthan where two artists performed a dance in a CULTURAL SHOW.
Well, there is nothing wrong in performing a dance in a CULTURAL SHOW, but what really matters is the quality and theme of the dance. The artist performed a dance on the hit song ‘TIP TIP BARSA PAANI’ which was too obscene for a CULTURAL SHOW that was apparently addressed by many household families including children and elders. Have a look at the dance and decide for yourself.

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Before coming on to the stage, the woman was purposely drenched in water so as to make her appearance look more appealing to the audience which also included many senior officials and police officers who hardly objected to this. Deputy SP Mahendra Meghvanshi was the chief guest of this function.
According to some audience, the dance was so obscene that many women along with their kids left the show and showed their disappointment by objecting to such performance.
What do you think about the whole scenario ? Weren’t police too lenient for a show like this to allow such a dance performance in a CULTURAL SHOW ? Share your opinion in the comment section below ! !

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