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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

“I Am Surprised By The ‘Brutal Honesty’ of the IT Officer”, Says Ajay On His Movie ‘Raid’

“I Am Surprised By The ‘Brutal Honesty’ of the IT Officer”, Says Ajay On His Movie ‘Raid’
Ajay Devgn is again going to make a comeback on the silver screen after ‘Golmaal Again’, with Raj Kumar Gupta directorial ‘Raid’. The film also Ileana D’Cruz opposite Devgn. The movie is based on a true incident from Lucknow. The story revolves around an honest IT Commissioner in Lucknow who had raided the house of businessman Sardar Inder Singh in 1981 and recovered assets worth Rs1.6 crore in cash and gold.
The actor was recently in Delhi to promote the film which is set to be released on March 16, 2018. He says that he was surprised by the ‘brutal honesty’ of the IT Officer.
“When you see the film, you will realize that there are people in the country who are doing so much and are so honest and we don’t even know about them. We talk about freedom fighters and other people and we never hear about some unsung heroes. While doing the film, I was thinking, ‘How can one be so brutally honest that he/she can risk his/her life and their family’s life for the country’. The fact that the story we are portraying is true amazes me the most,” says Ajay Devgn.
He further added, “What I also realized after doing the film is that corruption has changed from the ’80s till now. Earlier, I think, it was blatantly done and no one could do anything about it. Now, thanks to the media and social media, people are more aware and careful. There are a number of scams that come to light, so corruption is there, but it is very open now.”
Devgn also revealed that he met the Officer personally in order to get into his character. “My research was meeting the man himself on whose life the film is based. I was clear about my character in the film. We have only followed the facts that are available to us in the story, and that made our job a lot easier,” he says.
He also said that the officers from IT Department are happy about the movie and are eagerly waiting for it to release.
“A lot of people from the IT department have heard about the film and they are waiting to watch it. They are happy that the film is made,” says Ajay, who shot for the film in Lucknow. He adds, “We were shooting at a palace which was two hours away from the city and we didn’t have to do much to recreate the era of the ’80s, it was the perfect location and it hasn’t changed much over the years.” Devgan further added.
On being asked about making a comeback with wife Kajol, he says, “It is very difficult to get that idea. To have both of us in a film, you need a very different script, that is what even Kajol feels. We are waiting for the right script.”

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