Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Disha Called Tiger Shroff Bhai & This Pic Is A Proof. Is Everything Over?

We have never heard Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani express love for each other. However, their actions often show that they are deeply in love.
Often, we have seen them display PDA on social media. The biggest proof is their “Togetherness”. No matter which public event it is, they are always seen together. Not only events, they have given gone on vacations and dates together.
Since they are always together, we pretty much feel that they are quite serious about their relation. However, we came across a surprising thing couple of days back.
Disha Patani took to Instagram to share a picture with Tiger Shroff. She had set it as an Insta-story and had captioned it “Bhai Bhai”. Not only that, she supported the same with laughing smileys. We loved their picture but what’s with this “Bhai” business?
Here’s that picture;
Did Disha call Tiger Shroff bhai i.e. brother? Did she mean bhai i.e. don? God knows what her meaning is, but we certainly expect Disha to call him Bhai.

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