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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

7 Unknown Benefits Of Smiling

7 Unknown Benefits Of Smiling
Whenever you feel upset, down or low just smile and a normal smile will brighten up your day and also your mood. A simple smile shows how polite and generous a person is. A smile is the most beautiful way to express one’s mood, character and nature. A smile is a simple gesture that helps the world to identify you as a good person. Other than this, a smile also has many psychological and physical benefits. Smiling is not only good for your health but is also good for your heart.
It is believed that a child tends to smile for 400 times a day whereas an adult smiles only 20 times a day. Here are some of the benefits of smiling and the reasons behind them:
1. Helps in improving mood: A simple curve on your lips can instantly brighten up your mood. It takes only a second to smile and brighten up your day as well as help others to brighten up their day.
2. Helps in lowering blood pressure: We all have seen in movies as well as in real life that laughter is the best exercise which old people do to maintain their blood pressure. A report suggests that laughter can help in initial years to maintain heart rate.
3. Helps to develop better human relationships: None of us like a person who is not smiling and always drowsy or angry. Smiling helps in building up relationships with people around us and also with this help us build our personal relationships.
4. Helps you to live longer: Yes, smiling can help you live longer, happier and healthier. So don’t forget to smile as much as you can.
5. Boosting the immune system: Laughter helps in boosting an individual’s immune system and every time we laugh it begins with a smile.
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6. Helps to relieve stress: After a long day at work we always like to relive our stress with our loved ones and the most common thing we all can do is sit with our friends and family and smile and laugh about the daily chores.
7. Helps in pain relief: The last thing one can imagine is pain relief. Smiling helps in relieving pain. Try once when someone around is crying and you help to make them smile, this will immediately stop their tears and they will start to smile and laugh with you.
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Remember, a normal smile can help you and your loved ones to intensify and change the mood. So, keep it simple and keep it smiling.

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