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Monday, 8 January 2018

Here’s How Little Aaradhya Comes For Rescue Of Her Frightened Friend From Paparazzi

Here’s How Little Aaradhya Comes For Rescue Of Her Frightened Friend From Paparazzi
Recently, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan treated her daughter with a dinner to a famous hotel in the Mumbai city to which her hubby Abhishek Bachchan also accompanied. Interestingly, a friend of Aaradhya also came to the same restaurant. Soon after they completed their dinner, they walked out of the restaurant and meanwhile the paparazzi started clicking pictures of the Bachchans.

Seeing so many flashes at a time, the little buddy of Aaradhya got really scared and the way Aaradhya handled the situation is adorable. A  report from a leading daily stated, ”As the Bachchan family stepped out, the paparazzi got clicking. As expected, Aaradhya’s friend got overwhelmed with the flashlights.”

”But Aaradhya handled the situation brilliantly. The friend got frightened when so many photographers started clicking away.”
”Aaradhya ran to her friend and said that everything was fine.  After all, she is well aware of these paparazzi ever since she was born.”

Aaradhya Bachchan Smiles for shutterbugs
Then she got into the car and smiled for the media. In an interview, Aishwarya shared how she was worried about her daughter when she is in the eyes of the media. Talking about the paparazzi culture she said, ”Look, anything can happen. Not that anyone means any harm. But in the sea of humanity, even a little jostle can hurt my daughter.”
She went on and said, ”So I proceed protectively with her through the crowd while she remains cool. Everyone is beaming and waving and calling out her name. It’s a friendly world for her. Everyone seems to know her and she needs to know everybody. So there is no attempt to make her feel like a celebrity.”

She further added, ”I take her with me everywhere so she is a part of my multi-tasking life. I keep it as real for her as possible, and very normal. Now she is in school like any normal girl. But even when she was a toddler I’d take her to the play-park to be with other children. It becomes difficult in Mumbai.”

Talking about Aaradhya’s comfort, she said, ”But when I’m travelling I take her out to the park. Even there, there are people who recognize us. But they are normal parents and children. Aaradhya has to have a normal life. I’ve explained to her that is my life and now she’s part of it. So she’s comfortable in it.”

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