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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

After Arshi Khan, Bandgi Kalra bags her First Bollywood Film

After Arshi Khan, Bandgi Kalra bags her First Bollywood Film
Though Arshi Khan couldn’t win Bigg Boss 11, she has been getting some great opportunities after the show. She grabbed a role in Baahubali Fame ‘Prabhas’ film. The lady herself informed her fans on Twitter that she has just signed a film which stars Prabhas. Taking to Twitter, she wrote, “Signed on for a big film project also starring Prabhas. Thank you Salman Khan, ColorsTV, Bigg Boss. Special Thanks to Nevada Putman.”

And that’s not it. Another Bigg Boss 11 contestant is all set to make her Bollywood debut. And it’s none other than, Bandgi Kalra. According to a report by, Bandai has signed her first Bollywood project. While talking to the popular website, she said,  “Yes, I am doing a film with an established actor. Can’t disclose my character right now as I am not allowed to talk about it, but yes, I am excited for it”.

It was rumoured that she would play the role of a radio jockey, but Kalra crossed it out. She said, “No, I am not playing a radio jockey and that is one thing I can confirm right now.”
She was then asked whether her boyfriend Puneesh Sharma is also looking forward to working in Bollywood. To this, she replied,  “I really don’t know if he is willing to work in the same industry as he participated in Bigg Boss for fun.”

She was then asked that whether she is ready to show some skin and doing some intimate scenes, and she said, “It depends on what kind of film I am doing or the kind of message being given out through the venture. I am okay within a certain limit – by that I mean the extent to which the Censor Board allows.”
Well, the Bigg Boss contestants have too much in their kitty.

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