Friday, 5 January 2018

Actor K.K Goswami Unhappy With SRK Playing Dwarf – Says SRK Made Fun Of Dwarfs

Actor K.K Goswami Unhappy With SRK Playing Dwarf – Says SRK Made Fun Of Dwarfs
The title announcement teaser of Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero just released a few days back and is already getting appreciation from around the world. However, there are some few people who are not happy with SRK playing a challenging role of a Dwarf.
The not so happy person is K.K.Goswami, a well-known artist of TV and Bhojpuri films. Goswami, who has worked in shows like CID, Bhabhi Ghar Par Hain, and Trideviya as a dwarf has expressed strong displeasure over Shah Rukh playing the role of a dwarf in Zero.
He said that Shahrukh and director Anand L. Rai should have chosen any dwarf artist for this film. Shahrukh has made fun of short-length artists like him as a dwarf.

In a special conversation with a leading daily, K.K. Goswami said, “The thinking of Shahrukh Khan Saheb is very good that he has made a film on the people of short stature like us, but did he not get a short-height artist, that he is filming himself as a dwarf. What was lacking them? Don’t they believe in dwarf artists? They should have first auditioned artists like us. If we were not fit then we would say that we did not find any such actor, so I became dwarf. He has made our mark by becoming a dwarf himself.”

He further says, “When Kamal Haasan Sahab was a dwarf in his film, I can assume that at that time there will not be many actors with short stature, but today Shah Rukh Khan should have given an opportunity to artists like us that small People with stature can also play the main hero. If he did that, then make a realistic film. He would have been frightened that he is making a film by keeping in mind that the people of short stature are being blamed, keeping in mind the problems they have. Then he would become a god for us, but he did not do it. He is selfish. They made fun of this roll by themselves.”
While majority people are appreciating it, few people are also trolling the title on Twitter but we hope everyone appreciates when someone does something new in the industry.
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