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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Bigg Boss 11:Evicted Contestant Arshi Khan Expressed Her Desire To Perform With Hiten Tejwani In Finale!

Well we know that post eviction every Bigg Boss contestant reveal some inside story of Bigg Boss house. See what evicted contestant Arshi Khan has got to reveal about the game.
*Expectations of making to Top 3“I really don’t understand if I was so popular and driving force of the house then how could I not receive votes? It was unexpected. I even told the makers of the show and Salman Khan the same thing.”
Talking about the same she expressed her desire of going back to bigg boss house as wild card. Arshi said: “I would love to go back to the house and play the game again. I wanted to win the show. I was telling my manager that I hope they send me inside the house again in January. Even my parents thought that at least I will be one among the top three finalists.”
*About the court cases“All these are my past and I have clarified a few things while inside the house. Also I don’t care what happened earlier, for me the present moment matters. Main bindass rahti hoon. What you read about me can be made up but then India saw me live on Bigg Boss and they now know the kind of person I am.”
*On Gehana Vasisth controversy“I have also heard about this model-actor (Gehana Vasisth) from Bhopal who spoke a lot about me (especially my age and marital status), but I don’t know her at all. How can she say all these things about me? I think she is just trying to cash in on my popularity.”
*About Future plans“I will party with other Bigg Boss contestants, they have been messaging me. Sabyasachi, Benafsha, Bandgi, among others, will be there. Hiten is in Goa and Mehjabeen in Delhi, they won’t be able to make it. I am also looking at acting projects on both TV and films, let’s see what opportunities I get. Aab to sirf kaam karna hain.” 
*On meeting Hiten Tejwani“Main zaroor milungi unse. Wo abhi Goa mein hai toh meri mulaqat nahi ho payegi. Lekin main unse milungi abhi jab wo ayenge, Ho sakta hai finale mein hamara performance bhi ho jaye. Mulaqat toh hogi, unse bhi hogi, Gauri se bhi hogi. Hum log dinner pe jayenge teeno saath mein (I will definitely meet him. He is in Goa now, so I cannot meet him. But I will surely meet Hiten when he returns. We might even perform together for the finale of the show. I will meet him and Gauri Pradhan too. We three will go for dinner together).”

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