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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Bigg Boss 11 : How Captaincy Task Turns Into Battle

This week’s nominations has taken all the contestants of Bigg Boss House in shock. After coming to this level in the game, captaincy becomes the most talked about part. The contestants of bigg boss are going wild to obtain the power of captaincy.

The battle for captaincy turns extremely intense! Catch all the action tonight at 10:30 PM on 
During the captaincy task, contestants of bigg boss are going wilder adding drama into it. Everyone is aware about the myth of chicken who delivers golden eggs. However, the contestants of bigg boss house have to save their eggs to remain in the captaincy competition. The golden eggs come up with a picture of a contestant engrossed on it.

Arshi Khan doesn't want Shilpa Shinde to become the captaincy contender! Tune in tonight at 10:30 PM to find out more! 
So the contestant whose picture engrossed on the egg has to protect it from other contestants of bigg boss house. If the contestants is unable to protect their egg from other contestant will be out from the race of captaincy task.

In an upcoming episode of Bigg Boss, Hina Khan lose her cool on one of the contestant of bigg boss.

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