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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

BB11, Day 50 Highlights: An Ugly Spat Breaks Out Between Sapna And Shilpa

BB11, Day 50 Highlights: An Ugly Spat Breaks Out Between Sapna And Shilpa
In the Bigg Boss 11, Day 50, the house is overheated with ugly spats as it is the time for nominations. Akash Dadlani was seen fueling Sapna Choudhary which led to an ugly spat between her and Shilpa Shinde. The day starts with Mungda song after which Shilpa teased Akash. Later, in the day, Bigg Boss announced to the housemates to get ready for the nominations for this week.
Bigg Boss announced the task for the nominations to the contestants. The lounge was arranged with a number of aerated drinks and some mouthwatering foods which were set in the garden area in order to tempt the housemates. The twist in the tale is that a buzzer was set to go off six times throughout the day. Whenever the buzzer goes off, one contestant had to step out of the lounge and nominate the person they want to see in the safe zone. At the end of the task, the contestants who manage to stay in the lounge are safe from being nominated for this week.
Sapna and Shilpa Heats Up the Bigg Boss House
Four contestants can stay in the safe zone at a time. When the buzzer went off, one of the four contestants has to come out of the safe zone.  Hiten, Vikas, Hina, and Arshi enter the safe zone first. The four of them discussed who will be eliminated from the house this week. Vikas, Arshi and Hiten team up and asks Hina to go out of the safe zone.
Akash Dadlani instigates Sapna Choudhary against Shilpa Shinde. Find out what happens next, tonight at 10:30 PM! 
Controversy king, Vikas somehow managed to stay in the lounge and escaped from eviction from the house this week. Bandgi and Sapna got had a heated discussion after Bandgi called her name for piggybacking. Shilpa defended Arshi against Sapna’s comments and Akash said the same to Sapna, which made her go made. Hina also taunts Sapna. Akash, who gets nominated for eviction, uses his shield to protect himself from eviction. Later, Sapna and Shilpa get into an ugly fight with each other in the dining area. Looking at the range of spat both had, it seems like it wouldn’t settle anytime soon.

Puneesh also gets nominated for eviction, but he manages to stay in the house with the help of Banagi. Bigg Boss directs Bandagi to save one person from the nominated contestants for eviction and she saves Puneesh. This week, Hina, Sapna, Priyank, and Shilpa got nominated for eviction from the Bigg Boss house.

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