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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

VIDEO: 15-Year-Old Gabi Shull Became A Famous Ballerina With An Amputated Leg Due To Cancer

15-year-old Gabi Shull’s name is all over the Internet. The school girl had to have a part of her leg amputated after it was found ridden with cancer. But defying all odds, she has become an Internet sensation with her brilliant dance moves.
The now famous ballerina was stricken with cancer in her leg when she was just 9 years old. She was suffering from rare bone cancer named osteosarcoma. After getting her leg amputated, her foot and ankle were attached to a stump with the knee.

Gabi Shull was dancing for three years when the doctors diagnosed cancer in her lower leg. It was the end of her ballet career.

However, she did not lose her determination and after a miraculous surgery and lots of exercises, she is now back on her toes. Shull is also carrying on with her dream to be the greatest ballet dancer across the globe.
Gabi realized that there’s something wrong with her leg after falling on her knee while ice skating in January 2011.
At first, her parents thought that it is nothing serious. But when they didn’t notice any improvement for 2 weeks, they took her to a hospital. Doctors too did not find anything serious except for the stress fracture. However, the MRI scan showed that she had cancer.
‘We went to the doctor and he told us the news. He said, ”your daughter has what we think, could be cancer. A type of cancer called Osteosarcoma”.We were shocked. He had to repeat what he said because I didn’t believe him. I didn’t think my ears heard him correctly,’ Gabi’s mother said.
‘Gabi asked me why this had happened to her and we said you know sometimes bad things happen to good people we don’t know why but we have to do our best to get through it – and that’s what we did,’ she further added.
The young ballet dancer from Missouri and an inspiration to all of us. She wants people never to give up on their dreams.
Moreover, she did not lose her self-confidence. Gabi performed regular exercises and took on a healthy diet to regain her health and boost her confidence further.
And here’s an amazing result of her ground-breaking surgery. Five years later she was back on her toes and dancing competitively.
Watch video below-
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