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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Here Are 14 Funny Chats On Whatspp For You!

Whatsapp has made it easier for us to connect with our friends. There was a time when we had to get our phone recharged and call people when we miss them. But with the advancement in technology, communication has become easier. You don’t have to recharge your number any longer. Just recharge the number with data pack and you can use various applications.
There is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, that allows you to share your daily activities with people. And there is a completely different yet simple app called Whatsapp. This application allows you to make voice call, video call, put stories, check statuses, of your friends.

Chating on Whatsapp is very easy so we have gathered here some super funny chats for you!

1. How to get away from losing money

2. When you teach your mom how to use Whatsapp, don’t forget to share some knowledge on abbrevations as well

3. When your dad is a die hard Shatrughan Sinha fan – kya baat, kya baat, kya baat!

4. Give me the due amount else I will stab you a thousand times!

5. One of the funniest chats made on Whatsapp

6.  Wish I too had a smart dog like him who could at least text me! ‘Cause I’ve got no one to talk to

7. Take some classes from this guy and learn how to change the conversation instantly

8. We all have that one smart ass friend who makes a fool out of us with a swing

9. You never know who you are talking to – ladka hoon ladke se pyar krta hu!

10. This conversation is a proof that women are so difficult to understand

11. Slow slow karenge..

12. Unkown ki keh ke leli..

13. Boyfriend – girlfriend.

14. Dost ki girlfriend pata li..

How were these funny chats? Let us know! Don’t forget to share this article and the smile on your face with your friends and family.

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