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From glamour to gloom, here are the rich to rag stories of Bollywood celebs

From glamour to gloom, here are the rich to rag stories of Bollywood celebs
Being a celebrity doesn’t give you the surely of being wealthy for the entire life. You have to be smart and careful just like any other profession, where people save money for their future.    There have been celebs, who just ended up getting bankrupt. And, here we bring their rich to poor stores to you:
  • Parveen Babi:Once the queen of Bollywood in 90s, Parveen Babi is a name which is still remembered in today’s time. But, she died a tragic death alone in her Juhu apartment. Industry people had started calling her mad at that time.
  • Mitali Sharma: The 26 years old actress became an actress against the wish of her parents. She has also worked in Bhojpuri films. Once she was seen breaking car windows and abusing people sitting inside. After being arrested by the Police, the first thing she asked was food. Now she is in a mental asylum.
  • Satish Kaul: The Kashmiri actor was a hit in both Punjabi and Hindi films. Having worked in 300 Punjabi and Hindi films, he was also awarded with the lifetime achievement for contribution in Punjabi Cinema. Today he doesn’t even have the money to pay his bill.
  • Geetanjali Nagpal: Because of being a drug addict, she started begging in Delhi markets. Even she had to turn into a maid to make a living. She has witnessed many hard days but no one came forward to help her in any way.
  • Raj Kiran: He vanished from the industry.and Rishi Kapoor found him in Atlanta suffering from mental illness. He was a well known actor in the past but afterward he disappeared and never came back to Hindi film industry.
  • Achala Sachdev: She played the role of Kajol’s grandmother in DDLJ. Beside a successful career, she died in a hospital alone with no money for the treatment. She has worked in around 130 flicks. In spite of all this hard work, she was not able to pay her bills.
  • Vimi: She made a debut in Bollywood with BR Chopra’s Hamraaz. After her divorce, her acting career suffered like anything. She too died a lonely death. In order to make payment of her arrears she begun selling her name via her biz Vimi industries.
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