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Check Out 7 Of The Most Hated Movies Of All Time

Every year innumerable films get released all over the world. While some manage to win hearts with their outstanding story, others just fail to impress the audience. However among all these only few are there which gets popular because of universally negative responses.
Very often we come across those films which get popular because of the terrible work in it. Today we have brought to you all those hated movies which became a part of our lives through jokes and memes. Without a further ado, have a look.

The Intouchables

This film portrays the relationship between a disabled man and his caretaker. The film failed to tackle with the sensitive subjects like a racial barrier and cultural differences. Needless to say, the film was too childish for many to take it seriously.


The movie was released back in the year 2004. It depicts a story where multiple people narrated their story. Although the movie handled subjects like a racial barrier and human tragedy very smartly, people were irked by the melodrama. You”ll be surprised to know that it won 3 Academy awards for Best film editing, Best Picture, and Best Writing.

Jack And Jill

It was a comedy film and was released in the year 2011. If you ask where they went wrong? We”ll answer Comedy. A comedy film is supposed to make people laugh. However, this film had some terrible jokes which made people throw tomatoes instead.

Forest Gump

This film was released in the year 1994. Unarguably it is one of the most hated films worldwide. People were irked by the way a simple pure man was portrayed.

Sex and the city (2)

The second installment of Sex and the city was just a mere piece of disappointment. While the film scored full marks when it comes to fashion, but it failed in story telling.

Last tango in Paris

Portraying the story of a young businessman having a strictly sexual relationship with his persian girl wasn’t a good idea.  This film became one of the most controversial films of all time due to its shocking rape scene. People were stunned to see the rape scene.


Released in the year 1983, the crime based film was directed by Brian De Palma. It portrays a man named Tony Montana trying to build a strong drug empire with his close friends. So what went wrong with this film? People were irked as it was over the top and a cheesy movie.
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