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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

7 Screenshots That Shows The Difference Between Guys & Girls Chats

We have many articles that show funny conversations between friends or couples. These screenshots give us a good dose of laughter and make our day. Keeping those things in mind, today we are presenting you with some slightly different conversations that are funny at the same time. The best thing about these screenshots is, besides being extremely funny, they are totally relatable at the same time.
These hilariously funny conversations took place between girl-friends and boyfriends. Also, we are sure that you will relate to them. Just to be cautious, we must tell you that the conversation between girls here are typical girly ones. So some girls might find them offending.

Scroll down to see the screenshots that will show you the difference between girls texting vs boys texting:

1. Even if a girl likes you, she’ll never accept it in just one go!


This chat is the ultimate depiction of Bhai-Bhai ki yaari

2. When a girl turns into Bhabhi so quickly

To room par kyu mil rahi ho? Bahar hi mil lo

3. Bhai is the ultimate support system

This chat will make you laugh out loud!

4. This might have happened with SOME girls! Akhir care bhi bahut zaroori hai

Daru is the solution to everything for guys

5. Because no girl can say no to shopping!!!

Bhikhari dost

5. Ab ladko ki halat dekho

Sorry dear, I have enough money for shopping but none for lending

6. Kyuki ek mahina bhi preparation k liye kum hai inke liye

This chat s the ultimate depiction of how guys prepare for exams!

7.  This chat shows that girls can never get satisfied!

Choti-Choti baton pe celebration ho rha hai yaha

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