Friday, 28 July 2017

You Won't Believe What Exactly Does The Size Of Your Pinkie Finger Say About Your Personality?

See Inside how your pinkie finger describe's your personality.

#3 Palmistry, Type A

#3 Palmistry, Type A
Palmistry is an ancient science used by fortune tellers to determine the future of the person by looking at the lines in their hands. The shape of the hands and fingers are also taken into consideration while making such predictions. 

The practice is further developed to determine certain characteristics peculiar to different shapes of the fingers. Here we will be telling you those normal lines by looking at the size of the pinky finger. 

According to the palmists, there are three possible shapes of the pinky finger. Let’s look at all three of them one by one. 

1) You’re overtly conservative, you tend to keep your feelings guarded and never allow any stranger to peep into your heart. You choose to present yourself as a fiercely independent person, much more than you truly are! 

2) You absolutely hate lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty because it goes against your beliefs. 

3) You have a big heart which is open to helping everyone who needs you. 

4) You are a sincere worker and prefer to do your stuff in the desired way. 

5) Your expressions reveal all of your thoughts especially in your eyes and you tend to enjoy good company.

#2 Type B

#2 Type B
If your pinky finger is something like Type B, then: 

1) You’re a bit shy and this is why you never approach someone directly. 

2) You are utterly loyal and devoted kind when it comes to relationships. 

3) You possess a lovely but delicately sensitive soul. 

4) You are a secret keeper, you never spill out the beans. 

5) Once you set your mind on something, you are committed to seeing it all the way through. More than anything, you’re scared of getting hurt. 

6) You are rock strong, you always remain calm in midst of chaos.

#1 Type C

#1 Type C
If you’ve a pinky finger like this, this one is for you: 

1) You never hold onto a grudge, nothing makes you much upset. 

2) You are not someone who tends to like surprises, and you’re not too comfortable with unknown. 

3) You’re really open-minded which is why you are loved by everyone. 

4) Your ego tends to lean towards the bossy side and you get quite worked up during arguments, but you are always the first to apologise afterwards. 

5) You don’t always share your problems, you like keeping them to yourself. 

6) You love to surround yourself with honest people rather than pretentious ones.
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