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Friday, 14 July 2017

What Horror Movie Stars Look Like In Real Life

On screen, these horror movie stars scare the crap out of you. They do everything that they can to make you feel extremely uncomfortable and eventually you are blessed with nightmares. Well, for what it’s worth if they are scaring you, then they are doing a damn good job.
Horror Movie Stars
It is a huge possibility that the person scaring you on the screen, is actually a sweet personality off screen. Today, we will be going through some iconic horror movie stars and what they look like in real life.

What Horror Movie Stars Look Like In Real Life

1. Samara – Daveigh Chase  (The Ring, 2002)
Daveigh Chase’s portrayal of Samara in The Ring definitely scared us to the core when she climbed out of a freakin’ TV.

2. Jason Voorhees – Ari Lehman (Friday The 13th, 1980)
The iconic character of Jason Voorhees was played by many actors but Ari Lehmann was the first and most iconic one to do it.

3. Freddy Krueger – Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street, 1984)
Freddy Krueger was definitely the most iconic charater that Robert ever played. Freddy to this date is one of the scariest horror movie characters of all time. With this rold Robert Englund became the first actor to play the main character in eight horror movies in a row.

4. Valak – Bonnie Aarons (The Conjuring 2, 2016)
The role of the demonic nun Valak has brought Bonnie Aarons a lot of fame. The character will definitely go down as a legitimately iconic character in the horror movie history when it’s all said and done.

5. Pennywise – Tim Curry (It, 1990)
To this day, the clown portrayed by Tim Curry scares children. This character still holds relevance. This movie helped Tim in becoming one of the most memorable horror movie stars of the the early 90’s.
6. John Kramer – Tobin Bell (Saw, 2003)
Horror Movie Stars
John Kramer was the most iconic role of Tobin Bell’s career. Tobin Bell’s portrayal of the maniac was definitely scary.

7. Leprechaun – Warwick Davis (Leprechaun, 2003)
There was no better fit for this role than Warwick himself. With his height of 3’5″, his charisma and acting talent, Warwick Davis was the best choice to play the role of Leprechaun and it paid off.

8. Michael Myers – Nick Castle (Halloween, 1978)
Nick Castle’s portrayal of Michael Myers remains to be one of the most horrifying movie characters of all time. This role brought Nick a whole lot of fame as well.
9. Pinhead – Doug Bradley (Hellraiser, 1987)
Horror Movie Stars
Doug Bradley played the role of Pinhead in eight movies, and is one of the only two actors(other being Robert Eungland) to do so. He portrayed Pinhead with perfection.

10. Leatherface – Andrew Bryniarski (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, 2006)
Andrew Bryniarski was one of the seven actors to portray the iconic Leatherface character.
11. Kayako – Takako Fuji (The Grudge, 2004)
Horror Movie Stars
Takako’s portrayal of Kayako scared the soul out of people’s body and it still does to this day.

12. Bride In Black – Tom Fitzpatrick (Insidious: Chapter 2, 2013)
To this day many people still believe that this role was portrayed by a woman, that’s how good Tom was when he played it.

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