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Vikram Vedha quick movie review: R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi’s power packed combo hits bull’s-eye in this edgy thriller

Vikram Vedha quick movie review: R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi’s power packed combo hits bull’s-eye in this edgy thriller
After a long wait, Vikram Vedha finally hits theatres today. This movie helmed by Pushkar-Gayathri has caught everyone’s attention for its stellar lead cast -R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. For the first time two unconventional, powerful have come together for an action thriller movie. When the trailer was launched it created quite a furore for its epic background score, intriguing characters and the edgy plot. The wait has been long and it’s finally here. The film opens with a folklore of two characters. It’s about a man chasing an evil guy. It ends with man finally coming face to face with the villain who wants to tell him a story. Little do we realise, this will be the crux of the plot. 

Madhavan aka Vedha is a cocky, hot tempered, confident cop who knows his job very well. He is loyal to his friends and is good to those, who are good. But if you are who he is looking for, god save you! He won’t stop at anything. One such man on his radar is Vedha aka Vijay Sethupathi. He’s the obnoxious, smooth talking gangster who will never let you know what he’s thinking. The salt n pepper look teamed with a bulkier frame sure adds layers to his character. One thing is for sure – this is not your typical cop – gangsta film. Pushkar and Gayathri have taken on a cliched theme in the most unconventional way. The movie leaves you on the edge of your seat with its twins and turns and its power packed dialogues. There’s not a dull moment. The story unfolds seamlessly without any lags. Interestingly there are two stories running parallel in this movie. 
Coming to the performances, R Madhavan puts on a mature, restrained performance. As the fierce, loyal, impatient cop, he is the perfect fit. Let’s also take a moment to gush about how hot he is! R Madhavan is truly like wine, getting sexier as he ages. His character has its limitations but Madhavan gets that. He doesn’t try too much and that’s where he wins. Without a doubt the bigger surprise is Vijay Sethupathi! Watching him on screen is like a masterclass in acting. His body language, his dialogue delivery, his expressions are enough to make you realise, he was born to act. His entry is one of the best scenes in this movie. His role seems to be the bigger one as we go through his whole life. Apart from the story and characters, CS Sam, the man behind the hypnotic background score deserves a special mention. The story comes to life because of the stirring score. The movie has now broken out for an interval. For once, can’t wait for the film to resume.
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