Monday, 24 July 2017

Twinkle’s Co-Passenger In Flight Had Smelly Feet! Twitter Came Up With Hilarious Solutions For Her

Twinkle Khanna is expert in narrating her real life incidents through hilarious tweets. Time and again, we see her wall flooded with funny experiences. We love her style and we wish she gives us such doses daily.
This time, she shared her flight experience with us and we can’t help but empathize with her. When Twinkle was returning to Mumbai after a two and a half months of vacation across Europe, she had a horrible experience with a passenger in flight.
Her flight could have been pleasant, but sadly, her fellow passenger ruined everything. Lol, she was literally “Choking at 30,000 ft”, thanks to his smelly socks. If it was a short journey, things could have been managed, but poor soul had to bear this for 8 long hours.
Here’s how Twinkle described her situation;

The tweet read, “Polite way of telling fellow passenger about the 2 dead toads in his socks,chemical weapons capable of decimating nations? #ChokingAt30000Ft”
As soon as people saw her tweet, they started coming up with some most innovative ideas to avoid this awkward situation next time. Wouldn’t you like to read them?
Firstly, Parineeti came up with this solution;
Her tweet read, “Honesty is the best policy. #NoPlaceToRun”
To which, Twinkle replied,
“Not when you can’t escape him for the next 8 hrs!”
And then, even others came up with brilliant solutions;
Onion or coriander!
Cabin crew comes to the rescue!
Is he on Twitter?
Deo works!
One more good idea!
Try singing!
Call the mister!
These were some of the best solutions and we are sure, Twinkle can try them out next time when some passenger with smelly feet sits besides her.
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