Wednesday, 5 July 2017

This Girl Won A Cash Prize For Having The Dirtiest College Accommodation

And she won a prize for her crap because everyone agrees that she is the dirtiest and crappiest person to be alive. Although she has promised to live a cleaner lifestyle when she moved out of here, it doesn't look like a person this messy can change and top it all she is studying to be in the real estate business.
Brittani Cooper, 19 is a student at the West of England University and shares a flat in Bristol with 5 of her flatmates. She recently won a competition for Britain's dirtiest university accommodation. Her father was the one who sent her the link to the competition as a joke but who knew, she won the top slot and pocketed a whopping 500 pounds.

Here are the photos of her flat. Check out and tell us if you have seen anybody dirtier than her.

So, Brittani Cooper is now rich by 500 pounds because of her filthy lifestyle and we are spending a fortune on cleaning. Why?
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