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Things You Must Know About Jagga Jasoos Actress Bidisha Bezbaruah

Things You Must Know About Jagga Jasoos Actress Bidisha Bezbaruah
The News about Jagga Jasoos actress Bidishi Bezbaruah came as a shocker to all of us. She did a cameo in the Anurag Basu directorial and it is hard to believe that the actress is no more.
Bidisha allegedly committed suicide on Tuesday at her Gurugram residence. Her family is stating that her husband’s extra-marital affair was the reason behind Bidisha’s suicide.
Bidisha’s father said that Bidisha had a love marriage just 14 months ago and she was facing lots of problems since then.
Knowing more about the actress, Bidisha was multi-talented and jovial by nature. She used to take active part in social activities during her college days.
Bidisha is from Assam, Guwahati and attended Nicholas School in 2007. She pursued her bachelors degree in English Literature from a college in her home town. Later, she moved to New Delhi for a post graduate diploma in Advertising and PR from Indian Institue of Mass Communication.
Bidisha was a well-known name in the Assamese film industry. She was praised for her outstanding performance in Xanto Xisto Hristo Pusto Mohadusto. She had also anchored a few stage shows and shared the stage with singer Angarag Papon Mahanta during a Radio Mirchi event.
The actress got hitched with Nisheeth Jha on 28th April 2016 but she was extremely harrased by her in-laws.
Her suicide case is currently under investigation and her husband is in the police custody. We hope she gets justice and may her soul rest in peace!
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