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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

These Are The 15 Dumbest Construction Fails Ever

Every day we bring you something that makes you laugh out loud. We’re here again with the compilation of the dumbest construction fails ever! Seems like there are a lot of such hilarious construction fails across the world as the list is getting better each passing day. As you will scroll through these dumb fails, just a single thought will rule your mind, who gave them this job?! You would think so, wouldn’t you? Let’s place a bet on this one, then! Keep scrolling for a laughter riot!

The Dumb Architect

So, maybe this architect in Cabo San Lucas believes that the handicap can perfect extreme sports brilliantly! How else can you explain this one?

The Artist One

Maybe he wanted to be an artist but his parents forced him into architecture and there he is!

For The Troublemakers

A perfect place for the disturbing elements in the room or maybe who get too high, a place to send them to a literal place as their mood!

The Fire Extinguisher

So, let the fire get to so severe that it can melt the rod, then use the extinguisher!

ATM where no one can reach

A special kind of ATM where no one can reach easily. You see, you got to work hard to earn the cash!

Like, WHY?

I lost my cool on this one. Such a waste of resources!

The Dancing Stairs Leading To Nowhere

The architect jumped off this after he saw the final design

The Drainage System

The ninja turtles must never get drowned, let the town face the trouble!

A Balcony To Heaven

Just send whoever annoys you to this balcony!

The Legendry Staircase

That’s why you should never sleep in the lectures!

A Room With A View

Extra charges for the splendid view?

The Giant Toilet

The architect must not have thought of the aerial view of this building!

A Real-life Stealth Mission

For those who want to play such games in real life!

The Immovable Clock

The clock can’t move. It is now an inseparable part of the room!


Now it seems he had hidden something really huge in there!

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