Thursday, 27 July 2017

Sunil Grover doubles his fees: You won’t believe how much he CHARGES for each appearance now!

Sunil Grover as Dr Mashoor Gulati (picture courtesy: tricymetro)

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma’s infamous argument is nothing new to us. The two had a rough incident during their flight back to India and ever since, Sunil Grover has not made an appearance on the show. Latest reports suggest that Sunil may not come back to the show at all. In fact, he has taken complete advantage of the situation and has doubled up his fee as a comedian. Scroll down to find out how much he’s expecting for a single appearance.

Sunil Grover (picture courtesy: tricymetro)
Earlier Sunil Grover was being given 7-8 lakhs for one episode on The Kapil Sharma Show but after his latest tiff with Kapil, he expects 13-14 lakhs. Seems like Grover is taking complete advantage of Kapil Sharma’s poor career graph.
Worse things have happened since Sunil Grover left the show. Kapil Sharma was supposed to make a deal of 107 crores but because of Sunil’s decision to leave, the deal didn’t work out and the ratings of the show went down significantly. To help the TRPs come back to life, even Bharti Singh joined the crew for a bit but that didn’t work out too well. Now there have been rumours that the show may completely go off air. Other actors like Kiku Sharda who are also a part of the show have rubbished such rumours however. Kiku himself said that nothing of that sort will happen. It’s only because of Kapil’s ill health that such rumours have started and they make no sense as usual. The show will go on as it always does.
Well, we cant confirm how much of this is true but it is a fact that Sunil Grover is still doing well despite leaving the show. In fact, he is taking complete advantage right now and may not come back at all. What Kapil Sharma decides to do after this is entirely upto him! Check out one of Sunil and Kapil’s performances on the show with Sunny Leone!
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