Friday, 28 July 2017

Shah Rukh Khan Reveals Why 'R' Is Capital In AbRam With These Cute Pictures.

Check out the reason behind it.

#3 Cute AbRam.

#3 Cute AbRam.
Cute little AbRam is the one has already become a celebrity of sorts. His adorable looks and charm have been melting hearts wherever he goes. After several pictures of the little one that have left us in awe of him. 

AbRam is seen being kissed by two girls. And going by their expressions, there is no doubt that they too are smitten by the youngest Khan..

#2 SRK Tweet Sessions.

#2 SRK Tweet Sessions.
Shah Rukh Khan engaged in a live Twitter session with his fans and followers. When it’s SRK, how can one miss out questions on little AbRam. 

One fan asked him what is AbRam doing right now, he replied “Jumping in front of me.” Then, there was a fan who even asked him who is more funnier, him or AbRam, to which he replied, “We are a family of jokers… all the boys in the family.” 

Check out what he reply to one of fan.

#1 SRK Says Why 'R' Is Capital.

#1 SRK Says Why 'R' Is Capital.
So, a fan asked to SRK why is the letter ‘R’ capital in his name. 

He tweeted, “I know its a stupid question but why ‘r’ is capital in abRam #AskSRK”. 

To which SRK replied, “For the same reason that Rhythm is spelt like this.” See their Twitter chat here.

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