Friday, 28 July 2017

Remember: Little Girl From 'Tara Rum Pum' She has All Grown Up And looks Super Hot And Charming!

Pictures are going hell viral!

#3 Bollywood Comeback

#3 Bollywood Comeback
Rani and Saif called her Princess in the movie 'Tara Rum Pum' and that cute-little Princess has grown into a beautiful girl now. 

We are talking about Angelina Idnani who is nothing less than a diva now. Let’s wait and watch when she will be re-entering Bollywood. 

She didn't go on to feature in any other films, we can't wait to see her to make a comeback on the silver screen as a Bollywood lead heroine. 

Check Out her hot pictures ahead which will blow your mind

#2 Angelina Said In An Interview

#2 Angelina Said In An Interview
We had a words with child actor who is 19 years old now, but admits that she is very much in the Princess mode even today. 

“Since childhood, I always wanted to be like a diva. As a kid, I kept dancing at home, putting on makeup and trying on new clothes. The film just helped me reach there but then circumstances were such that I stopped acting,” says Angelina, 

who lost her father when she was in the sixth standard in school.

#1 Hot Pictures

#1 Hot Pictures
After 10 years of the film, Angelina is still very interested in Acting. We hope she really come back on screen soon
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