Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Remember Frooti’s Brother Appy From Son Pari? This Is How He Looks Like Now

If you are a 90s kid it’s unlikely that you haven’t watched fantasy adventure tv series Son Pari. Most of us used to glue ourself to tv sets during the timing of this fantasy show. We have seen various pics of grown up Frooti on the Internet. But do you know how Frooti’s brother Appy looks like now?
Aditya Surte is the actor who played the role of Appy. Well he is no more a cutie. No need to be sad. Infact this is a good news as Appy is a handsome hunk now.

Here’s what he looks like now


Aditya aka Appy is a grown up now and has gone through a drastic transformation in these last years.  Professionally he is a chartered accountant and lives in Mumbai. That’s not it, he is also engaged to a beautiful girl. Okay now, this might have made you feel like a little old now.

Here are some pics of Aditya with his fiance

So much in love


From the London diaries

A candid shot


Some adorable pics from their engagement ceremony

Happily engaged!

Hetal Varia is the name of Aditya’s fiance. She is a voice coach and a performer.  The couple looks extremely cute together and so in love. Our best wishes are with this adorable couple.
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