Friday, 28 July 2017

Did You Know!Why Women Do Not Have Pocket On Their Shirts?You Will Be Shocked To know.

Well women you will be surely surprised to know the facts about the shirts.

#3 The Society

#3 The Society
Well men and women have emerged from the same society.But their is always a discrimination all time between the the two genders. 

It's a male dominant society since older times women were treated as a fancy material for decoration and to beautify their glories. 

Their has been immense change since that period of time in the society still the view for the women is still the same. 

To know what is today's condition read more.

#2 The Women

#2 The Women
We have developed over a time, but the situation of women has been better but not good.There are still egoistic males who would only like females to fancy them rather than earning for the families. 

They should understand that equality is important for both and hence during previous times it was believed that those pockets were not required by women as that would not bring about the accurate shape of their body. 

Now this fact is really strange but you can't deny women had the task to just look beautiful. 

This is assured by the video .Just look at that and you will know why?

#1 The Video

Well this video defines the truth about the shirts. 
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