Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bangladeshi actor Hero Alom says that Shah Rukh Khan is his big fan & Twitter lost its cool over his pic

Shahrukh Khan
Banglaesh's actor claims that Shahrukh Khan is a big fan of him

Bangladesh’s internet star Hero Alom Bogran has just claimed that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is a big fan of him and it makes people laugh out loud.  Hero Alom Bogran belongs to Bangladesh who famously known for his self-made video songs wherein the phenomenal actor is seeing romancing with young women which is a next funniest thing. Back to the Shahrukh Khan’s selfie with him, so the actor tweeted a pic in which SRK can be seen as taking a selfie with his fans gathered at his back side and Alom is sharing a space in that frame. Look at the picture.
Twitterati lost their cool when they came across with the crazy and morphed selfie but what makes it rather funny is Shahrukh’s wrong spelling which the actor has used in the description, ie, “Saarukh Khan fan of me….love you Saarukh my Fan”. Next, we all know what people have to say on this photoshopped pic. Scroll down as they are more entertaining than the pic!
We told you tweeple catch the spelling mistake earliest!
“Tumse Na Ho Payega”

They are asking him to do a proper photoshop
And the last one!

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