Thursday, 27 July 2017

Are Kiku Sharda and Bharti Singh heading towards a BIG FIGHT at The Kapil Sharma Show? Find out HERE!

Kiku Sharda and Bharti Singh (picture courtesy: businessofcinema)

After the sudden exit of Sunil Grover from Kapil Sharma’s show, there has been quite a change in the existing TRPs. To make up for the loss, the makers invited female comedian and actress Bharti Singh in hopes that she could save the show. Although, Bharti is somewhat helping Kapil’s show get back on it’s feet, there have been news of Bharti developing a tough relationship with co-actor Kiku Sharda. Scroll down to find out what really happened.

Kiku Sharda and Bharti Singh (picture courtesy: businessofcinema)
According to a fresh report, Kiku who plays the characters of Bumper and Lachha in the Kapil Sharma Show is having a cold water with the newly entered Bharti Singh. Although they look quite normal with each other’s presence on camera, we have heard that once the camera goes off, they walk away from one another. Some might feel that it’s a baseless rumour but we have to admit that no rumour starts randomly. It has to spark from somewhere to make it such a big headline. Kiku Sharda however, has silenced the claim by giving saying that the statement holds no truth and he doesn’t know where such false rumours come from.

Kiku Sharda, Sumona Chakravarti and Bharti Singh (picture courtesy: indiatoday)
When Bharti was asked about this, the comedian said Kiku and her share a good relationship. She knows his wife very well too and the news spread about the two of them makes no sense at all. When Bharti was asked about leaving Krushna’s show, she confirmed saying “Firstly I was never offered Krushna’s show. So there wasn’t any chance of choosing between TKSS and Drama Company. Right now I am very happy I am going on to be a part of the Number 1 show on Indian Television’’
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