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Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Kate Middleton needs no introduction. She is poise, elegance and style all rolled into one. But being a part of the royal family is not an easy task. The Royal family comes with its set of rules and responsibilities which need to be abided by all. But Kate seems to live life on her own terms.
Here we have bought you a list of Kate Middleton’s outfits which seem to have broken the Royal dress code.

The Poise

The Red number definitely accentuates her collarbone to perfection. I wonder what the queen had to say about this outfit.

The Turquoise Dance

The dress might have been too low as per the royal standards, but Kate looks so ravishing here.

Pink Suit

Though Camilla sticks to the dress code of hemlines being below knee level it is Kate’s pink dress which is above her knee that makes her stand out in the crowd.

The Floral Print

The Dress fits her perfectly and shows off her perfect structure, making this one of her best looks.

Beauty in Black

This Off shoulder gown might be frowned upon by the Queen, but you can’t deny this outfit is definitely a head turner.

The Risque Fashion

The dress though short in terms of the royal dress code shows off Kate’s baby bump quite nicely.

Black Gown

Its sheer, form fitting and has a plunging neckline all which are frowned upon by the royal code of conduct.

Vision In White

The High Slit tough discouraged by the Queen, makes Kate look Ethereal.

The Sunshine

Though the wind gave away the secret this summer dress makes Kate look fresh and beautiful.

The Jewel

As far as she looks drop dead gorgeous who cares about dress codes?

Fairy Girl

She looks absolutely stunning in this white dress though it is a little short as per the royal family.

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