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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

11 Brilliant Texts Only A Dad Could Send

Being a dad is no easy task. It is very difficult for a dad to love his child without letting the child take him for granted. So a dad is always dancing along the borderline between loving and disciplining his child.But a dad and technology is a lethal combination. Especially when the kids want an immediate answer for their texts.
So here we bring you a screenshot list of texts which only a dad could send.

Grounded ?

Any other parent would have definitely grounded this kid for his attitude, but not this dad. This lucky kid just missed his turn to get grounded.

Rescue Mission

I wonder what happened to the kid finally, was he/she rescued? Or did the dad just let the kid face its nemesis?

The Hint

You need to applaud the kid to come up with such an innovative way to ask his dad for money. However, his dad deserves a standing ovation for his fitting reply.

Crime Planner

I don’t think this kid needs to even prepare for an alibi when she has such a supportive dad.

Fathers Day Special

It takes a special talent to fish for a compliment from someone who is incapable of uttering some kind words.

Question And Answer

Is he a really a cool dad or just baiting the kid for an honest answer?

Why Do I even?

It is impossible to have a normal conversation when the other person always answers literally to every question you pose.

Birthday Gift

Don’t ever give your kids an option for a gift, else you will have to hunt for their unrealistic choice.


Who needs friends when you have a dad like this!

Fan Fiction

This dad is really messed up. Going through all that trouble to just send that one message.

No Surprise

Now we know where this kid learned all his straightforwardness! Damn!

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