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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

11 Brilliant Parenting Hacks For Now And The Future To Bring A Revolution In Parenting

Being a parent might be a great source of happiness and a huge milestone but, it also means getting full fledged into something one has no prior experience, not to forget those sleepless nights, constant crying, feeds, burps, diaper duty and bidding adieu to your social life.
Not to worry, we have compiled a list of hacks to make the parenting journey a lot smoother.

Safety Bracelets

Do you panic to take your kids to crowded places like the park, malls or cinemas fearing that you may loose them? Make your own safety bracelets with your phone number on them, that way others can easily get hold of you in case they find your kids wandering off.
#2 What To expect when you're expecting

The Fall Obstructer

Taping the pool noodles to the ends of your tiny one’s bed under the fitted sheets will keep them from rolling down during their sleep time.
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The Anti-Skid Shoes

Use some hot glue under their shoes. This will provide them the much-needed support on the slippery floors.
#5 romper.com

Right and Left

It’s quite tricky for kids to identify their right fro their left.So just tape a sticker cut in half onto both of their shoes. A creative and fun way to learn.
#7 Distractify

Lint Them

A lint roller comes in handy when you want to clear up those pesky glitters left from their art work.
#8 Hypedojo

Go Green

Marking the amount of toilet paper used will teach the kids a valuable lesson to save paper.
#6 Awesome Inventions

Rubberband Aid

In order to prevent the kids from accidentally locking themselves in, use this rubber band hack on your doors.

Soap Dispenser

Wrapping a rubber band in your soap dispenser will teach your kids to use just the right amount.
#10 Aunty Acid


Using portion cups to store your pacifiers is easy, clean and cheap.

Spray them

If your kids are scared of monsters, spray plain water and pretend it to be some “monster spray”. This will keep your kids happy and let them have a peaceful sleep. They don’t have to know its plain water though.
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Pool Noodles

Use Pool noodles to avoid the kids from slamming their fingers in the door.
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