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Monday, 12 June 2017

Raveena Tandon Slammed By Twitterati For Saree Tweets! She Had To Apologize

Bollywood and Politics are poles apart, but just like two opposites always attract each other, these 2 sectors happen to get attracted too. And if we add some scientific humor here, an energy in any of these forms i.e. criticism, trolling and bullying, is generated.
Politicians do what they feel like doing and Bollywood has its opinions on it; meanwhile, some agree to them and some disagree; this is the whole story. But the issue arises when someone from either side says or does something without properly analyzing its meaning and result.
Raveena Tandon, who happens to be among Bollywood’s most celebrated actresses posted a collage on Twitter recently, in which she is seen wearing a gorgeous saree. So far, so good. The problem was with her caption for which she got badly slammed by Twitterati. Here’s what she tweeted-

A sareee day … will I be termed communal,Sanghi,bhakt,hindutva icon?if I say I love wearing the saree and I think it’s the most elegantπŸ˜”πŸ™πŸ»
Now, it’s hard to understand what she wanted to say. Did she mean that people will troll her for celebrating saree day and for calling saree the most elegant dress or did she just want to get some attention by relating saree to “sanghi soch”? Whatever she meant was not correct because she has nothing to do with what people think about her dressing whatever it may be; a saree, a crop top, or shorts. It’s just her style and she has every right to wear it unless its vulgar. So when saree is the most elegant attire, why did she want acceptance from the public? And if the second case is correct, she is the ultimate reason to attract all the criticism. Meanwhile, here’s how the public reacted to her tweet-







After all the bashing, Raveena was quick to realize her mistake and asked for apology on Twitter. Here’s what she said-
If it has come across as anything else.I apologise.That was not the intention.Had not thought that it would be misunderstood the way it has.
Well, there would have been no need to ask apologies if you had just posted that picture without any fear. You are a celebrity and inspire many with your fashion sense. Someone will surely say something, all you should have is faith on yourself.

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