Wednesday, 7 June 2017

PM Narendra Modi’s support for Mohanlal’s Mahabharata; film to hit theaters in 2018

PM Narendra Modi’s support for Mohanlal’s Mahabharata; film to hit theaters in 2018
The country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown up his backing for superstar Mohanlal’s ‘Randamoozham’ that tells the tale of epic ‘Mahabharata’ via Bhima’s point of view.
Mollywood superstar Mohanlal is gearing up with ad film producer Shrikumar for the epic project that will be produced on a gigantic budget of around Rs 1000 crore.
Whilst the movie is proposed to hit the theaters by 2018, appealing information has popped up.
As per reports, Indian PM Narendra Modi has forwarded a note to filmmaker BR Shetty, showcasing his full support for the huge venture.
In his note, Mr. Modi has stated that he is waiting for the release of the movie that will be a subject of pleasure for the whole country, as per a report in Mathrubhumi.
Reports also hint that the squad has sought consent to meet Narendra Modi on July 7.
It must be mentioned that the movie encountered a debate when KP Sasikala, leader of the Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi had intimidated to freeze the release of Mohanlal’s movie if they make use of the name, Mahabharatham.
“We are happy but the Hindus here have a condition – only a film which is close to the story of real Mahabharatham written by Vyasa should carry its name. No other movie can be named Mahabharatham,” Sasikala added up.
To be directed under the banner of Shrikumar Menon, the initial portion of Mahabharata will be available in theaters by 2020, whilst the second portion will hit movie theaters after 90 days of the release of the first part.
Mohanlal dons the role of Bheema in Randamoozham, whilst biggies like Nagarjuna have been approached to don the role of Karna. In addition, the most recent buzz is that Bollywood actors Big B and Kamal Haasan are being mulled over for the movie.
In MT’s novel, the epic tale is narrated from the viewpoint of Bheema. The both parts of the movie will be 3 hours long and will have a number of well-known personalities working in it. The shooting of the movie will start in 2018.
“The project will go on the floors in Abu Dhabi. I prospered and earned money in Abu Dhabi, so I want this film first to be shot in there before we move to other parts of the world,” Shetty told media.
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