Thursday, 8 June 2017

Hrehaan and Hridhaan Roshan’s leave Hrithik in shock! Dad caught them candid! Check Out!

Hrithik Roshan shared an adorable candid moment with his two sons, 11 year old Hrehaan and 9 yr old Hridhaan a while ago where see the kids indulging in a conversation.
Hrithik wearing a red monkey cap, white t-shirt and shorts looks at his cute sons while one of them sits on the sofa, the other sitting on sofa fence with their hands folded and they discuss something ‘serious’.
Well, if you wonder what the two star sons are talking about then the Dad is here to spill the beans.
Hrithik posted this picture just now on Facebook and captions it – “Him: ‘….and don’t worry dad’s totally cool with it. He said so.’ Me: What. #deerinheadlights #becarefulwhatyouagreeto
Hrithik’s hashtag #deerinheadlights in the message tell his state of mind and which is that he is caught by surprise and can’t move because of the shock! Another hashtag read #becarefulwhatyouagreeto and that says the Superstar Dad is nailed by his sons over an earlier commitment he made to them.
Awww! Cute!
Hrithik is a fabulous father and we see him going on trips with sons and indulging in adventure activities too
Hrithik and wife Sussanne Khan divorced in 2014 but the couple still meets up on dinners and movies for their kids

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