Friday, 9 June 2017

Himesh Reshammiya’s Had Extra Marital Affair With THIS Actress Ends In Divorce With His Wife!

Singer Himesh Reshammiya hit the headlines on Wednesday evening because of his divorce with wife Komal. Yesterday family court of Bandra granted him the divorce. The duo had filed for divorce last year in December 2016 and yesterday evening the court sanctioned their divorce.

Himesh and Komal spotted outside the court

The duo had filed for divorce last year in December 2016 and yesterday evening the court sanctioned their divorce. They have decided to part ways with mutual consent. Both were spotted outside the court in Bandra.
While talking to the media person Himesh said that the divorce was a mutual decision by the ex-couple.
Sometimes in life mutual respect becomes most important and giving due respect to our relationship, me and Komal have amicably decided to part ways legally as husband and wife,” Himesh, 43, said in a statement.
While Himesh didn’t tell the media any reason behind the divorce, Komal said it was compatibility issue between the two which made them take this decision.
She said, “Himesh and I completely respect each other and are jointly going with this decision to part ways legally but mutual respect will always be there between us as I am a part of his family and will always be, and the same is with him towards my family There are compatibility issues in our marriage but we respect each other immensely.
However, there was something more serious than a compatibility issue. According to the sources, Himesh Reshammiya was having an extra marital affair with an Indian television actress. She is none other than Soniya Kapoor.

Television actress behind Himesh Reshammiya’s divorce

Apparently, Himesh and Soniya know each other from past 10 years. Moreover, there are rumors that they might get married soon. If sources are to be believed Himesh had been living in with his girlfriend Soniya from past years
However, wife Koman had rubbished all these rumors. She said that it was only the compatibility issue which made them part ways.
“Nobody else should be dragged into this matter and nobody else is responsible for this. And the reason for our marriage not working is only and only compatibility. Sonia is not responsible for this at all and our son Swaym and our family loves Sonia just like a family member.” Said Komal.
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