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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Hilarious Whatsapp Jokes That Will Make Your Day !

Whatsapp is a great tool to keep in touch with our closed ones. It is one of the most used applications across the globe right now. One can voice all and video call via Whatsapp with people anytime.It was initially released on Symbian with the only goal of making conversations free of cost between people. And finally, they have achieved their goal. It can connect us anywhere around the world. We can talk to our friends, family, colleagues etc without spending anything.It has replaced phone calling and texting in true terms. People nowadays use Whatsapp calling and texting services quite often. We can also make groups on Whatsapp and use it as a great teamwork tool to discuss anything or send images, files, audios etc.

1.Funny chat between two friend !

2.Oops! Whatsapp’s autocorrect is bad !

3.OMG! Another example of Whatsapp autocorrect

4.She is drinking Susu !

5. He is in big trouble now !

6.Songs should express true feelings !

7.Was it really a slip of tongue?

8.Don’t be so serious fella !

9.So clever of him !

10.Soo funny chat !

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