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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Here are unseen pictures of 7 Bollywood Celebs from School time

Here are unseen pictures of 7 Bollywood Celebs from School time
School age is the age when you are most active with your friends and always have time for them. Studies and Friends, these are the two companions of any school goers. We have captured some of the adorable pictures of Bollywood celebrities school age. No matter wherever you reach in your future endeavor, you always memorize your days in schools. We are reliving those days of our beloved Bollywood actors. Watch the picture of your favorite stars here.
Tammannah Bhatia:
Look at Tamannah Bhatia in this picture, she is completely cherishing her time with her schoolmates. Her picture reminds me the days when we used to wait for our round to get onto the school bus on our way back home. The departing time and seeing off our close friends was so much of fun.  Even a Good Bye take so long that our teacher had to remind us that we have to start.
Genilia D’Souza
This photograph of Genelia with so much of Certificates and Trophies shows that she definitely remained a studious student with a lot of appreciation and recognition. Not all of us reach that level even after putting so much effort. However, never all of us aspired to become a studious one too; rather indulged in fun and bunking classes often.
Priyanka Chopra:
The multi-talented Priyanka seemed to be an achiever even at her school too. The picture here tells her story about her being a bright student. She is pretty recognizable in the pics. Her face is not much different from now.
Sushant Singh Rajput:
Sushant Singh’s Picture is quite cool. It reminds me the time when I bunk my classes to watch a movie with friends. Having fun out of school in school uniform has its own excitement. However, Sushant looks same. He can be easily recognized.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:
Aishwarya in this looks that much beautiful and tall while getting honored by her school teacher. There is no doubt the former Miss World was an achiever at her school age as well.
Shahrukh Khan:
What do you say about this throwback picture of King Khan? The picture tells about his interest in cricket. He looks to be quite a player in the pic. Who knew that this young chap is going to own his own cricket team.
Salman Khan:
Ohh!! Salman is looking cute in the pic. He is really looking an adorable school boy who is shy to the camera. However, no one knew that this charming boy will face the camera so artfully.

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