Monday, 12 June 2017

Forget Justin Bieber, His Security Guard Has Become The New Internet Sensation! Check Pics!

Every now and then, we see a new sensation on social media. Earlier, it was a Pakistani Chaiwala, then, it was a Chinese Mirchiwali and now, it’s Justin Bieber’s security guard.
The pictures of this handsome hunk have become viral on the internet and everyone is loving him. Girls have found their new crush, LOL.
Eager to know some more details? Well, he’s Boy Roeles from Netherlands. He was responsible for Bieber’s security at an event named “Pinkpop music festival”. In no time, his pics were widely circulated and girls couldn’t stop discussing about this new hero.
For Roeles, all this was very sudden and he just couldn’t handle it. His official Instagram account is filled with dashing pics. I am sure you want to check some right away;






One Twitter user was so excited that she was even ready to marry him. The girl said that if she can’t marry Justin, she can definitely marry Roeles.
Here’s her tweet…
Roeles, who became suddenly popular on social media, was clueless about everything; here’s what he tweeted…
Haha, it was a crazy experience for him. Do you dream to have a BF like him?

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